Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something-d-o-o economics, Anyone?

Tonight I have the enthusiasm of Ben Stein's character in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. But it's my duty to let you know how this Aussie trip is going, so here you go. Not my best stuff, but darn it, it's stuff.

Another weekend gone here in Australia. The days are slowly getting longer and the weather lingering in the 50's. It rains pretty often, but overall the sun is out most of the time. No complaints here.

The weekend wasn't too eventful. I stayed in and watched movies both nights so I can save up for the upcoming New Zealand trip. It was relaxing, I had a couple cups of coffee, a few beers and spent most of the weekend alone. I didn't run much, but went for a couple lengthy walks of around five miles or more. Also, I listened to a couple Red Sox games which always makes me happy.

Yesterday I worked for Peter again. It was great to earn a little money and have some company. It wasn't dangerous work this time. I mowed his lawn, helped him make a concrete step which required me to work with concrete for the first time ever, and also helped him move furniture into his ex wife's new place. As I stated a few weeks ago, he's a nice guy, just sad. So sad in fact that I realized my mood towards the end of the day was effected by it. He apologized to me at one point for being kind of a downer in which I told him not to worry about it. Of late, I interact with only a few people a week, so any conversation I get, I am very open to. We might not work together again as he is busy with work and I might be taking another unscheduled trip before New Zealand. More details to come on that in a couple days.

Then last night I had another hockey game. This round really has the feel of pond hockey out at Robin Hood Park in Keene, New Hampshire. Again, we had only one goalie, so the atmosphere with one goalie is much more laid back. There are only five weeks left in the competition, but I may only make three of them. It's kind of nice not having the intense competition. It's made the "Hockey Mondays" very enjoyable.

The MLB All Star game is tomorrow, but I don't think it will be aired live here. I saw it on the TV guide for Thursday morning, so at least I'll be able to watch it. Tomorrow morning, I'll try and find it on the radio. With the internet, it will be near impossible not to check the score. Last year's All Star game was amazing. Extra innings. I watched it from my host families house in Breckenridge, CO.

I bought a book of Su Do Ku's when I was at the airport back in December. I've finally started to tackle the big book and have 372 of 516 puzzles completed. I'm not sure I can finish them as the extremely difficult ones are in the back. I love number puzzles like Su Do Ku.

11 days until the Sutherland to Surf 11K road race. I'm hoping to get a picture of me running. Would love to show that to you guys.

Season 7 of 24 wrapped up on Sunday night here. That took six months of my life to watch. I caught 22 of the episodes. Overall I was disappointed with the season compared to previous ones. It just didn't ever have me on the edge of my seat like it did in the old days. I now don't have anymore shows here to follow. I do watch The Biggest Loser here whenever it is on. It is the American one, so if you watch that show, you've already seen it.

I'm feeling a bit blah this week. It's the isolation or maybe even homesickness. It's a feeling I'm pretty unfamiliar with and do not like. I have little countdowns going on in my mind that help me get through the long days. It's interesting that I love the daytime, especially mornings where I work out and have an amazing breakfast. It's the night time that is not always fun. For example, it's almost 8pm here, and I won't go to bed for a few hours. What to do with all that time? I have a few things to research and check out online (A job maybe????), so I'll be ok. 25 days until New Zealand!

Well I must say that this has been one of my more boring updates, but I do appreciate you checking out what I have to say. I'm trying to think of my next top ten list for this Friday. Some ideas I've had are: Ten odd jobs I've had, Ten 80's movies I can watch over and over again, Ten random memories I've never told anyone about, Ten celebrities I've met. Feel free to let me know what top ten list you want to read about and I can make it happen.


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