Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9:09am: 9/9/09

Today is September 9, 2009. This post will be published at 9:09am. My favorite number is nine. For that one minute I imagine I'll concentrate on all the good things in my life and appreciate that in my lifetime, there will never be another 9/9/09. There will be a 9/18/27 (hopefully) and a 10/10/10 but this date will have more meaning than any of the others.

I don't believe anything crazy will happen. Someone was telling me about July 7, 2007 and how many people were married on that day and how some people believe seven brings good luck. No spaceships will land to pick me up. It will be just another minute in my life. But it will be my moment, unless I oversleep.

So here are some photos of the nine. Enjoy.

Ted Williams

Wayne Gretzky (2 nine's!)
Gordie Howe

Kasey Kahne

Roger Maris

Bobby Hull

Mia Hamm

Michael Jordan (The original Dream Team)

Roy Hobbs, The Natural

Maurice "Rocket" Richard

My news in New Hampshire is provided by channel 9

Baseball has nine innings. People compare dramatic or stressful situations to "the bottom of the ninth."

When you have good luck, some might say you have 9 lives. It's also a very popular cat food.

And there's actually a potion named after 9. Trust me, it works.

New Hampshire, my home state, is the ninth official state.

"Two, four, NINER, five, six seven..."

There are nine Supreme Court Justices

Nine Inch Nails, the band

"Nine times..."

Thanks for enjoying the number nine with me for a few minutes. Til next time...

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ellie said...

Did you ever watch the show "Square One" on PBS? They had a skit on there about 9..."Nine, nine, nine -- fantastic number nine! Any number you can find, it all comes back to nine!"