Friday, October 16, 2009

One Year

Time flies, don't you think?

A year ago today I started this blog. Some of you remember it was called Ryan Down Under because I was preparing for my trip to Australia. At some point I felt that the title was unoriginal and didn't really reflect who I am. So I changed it to A Place for my Stuff. That title still remains, but I expect it to change again in the next few months. After searching around the Internet, I found a couple other people had blogs with the same title. And while mine may have been first, it still isn't original as I borrowed the title from one of my greatest influences, George Carlin.

This was the second title photo I used.

In the 365 days I produced 98 random posts. The topics included pro sports, Australia culture, childhood memories, pop culture commentary and so much more. I originally thought it would just be a place for my family to see how I was doing while in Australia. But it evolved into it's own work of art. I'm very proud of some of the work I've done here and plan on continuing my passion for writing for many years to come.

The album that inspired the title of my blog. To listen to the entire album Click Here

If you're a regular, check back in soon for my one hundredth post. I will revue my favorite posts of the first 100 and try to kick off the next 100 with a bang.

Thank you again for reading...I'm off to the Pumpkin Festival in Keene, NH. What do you think of the camouflage hat?

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Kristin said...

Hi, there- just happened upon your blog and wanted to say congratulations on your blog's one year birthday! : )