Monday, February 23, 2009

Fall Out Boy, The Oscars, life, etc.

Had a bit of writers block for the first time this week. Not sure if it was having no work, or just running out of ideas of what to tell you about. I was even struggling finding pictures to post this week. The new photo at the top is just temporary until I find something better. Any ideas? I did come up with a recap of the week for you. Enjoy.

Saturday night I finally went to see Fall Out Boy for the first time in concert. I had been looking forward to this night for a long time. Over six weeks ago I bought tickets online and finally the day arrived. I went with my roommate and a friend of his. Sadly I couldn't find anyone else to go with. Not a lot of Fall Out Boy fans my age apparently.

Before I tell you about the concert, I should say I first heard Fall Out Boy in 2005. I was working on the Carnival Fantasy when they started getting a lot of radio play. Then at some point, Joel Reil from Swanzey took me to an ECW wrestling event in Durham and he played Fall Out Boy the whole way there and back. So I listened to them for probably 8 months or more and had no idea what they looked like or what their image was. I only knew that they sounded great.

Here's a little video I took at the concert. Nothing special. Except that it rocks.

Alright, this story I'm telling you is kind of boring even to me. So I'll get to the point ASAP.

All I gotta say is there were a ton of 10-15 year olds there and also their soccer moms and dads. I sat next to a mom with her daughter and best friend, both about 13 and the dad on the end. So I may have stuck out like a sore thumb but I knew every word to every song they played, sang as loud as I could, and therefore, had an amazing time.

Vinny, at least he was wearin' cowboy boots.

The venue was at Olympic park where the 2000 Summer Games were held. Kind of cool to see where it all took place. The concert venue was where the men's Basketball team won gold.

Some randomness for the rest of this post:

Gram asked me how hockey went last Monday. We lost. Wasn't really close. I think we lost by five or six goals. We just didn't have it, couldn't put the puck in the net. I was pretty hurting once again, but felt better than the week before. Tonight is our third game. Will let you know how it goes.

Job hunt continues tomorrow. Actually looked at getting some licenses like bartending or forklift, both affordable and can be obtained in one day. So Wednesday I'll get my RSA which I believe stands for Responsible sales of Alcohol. It means I can serve drinks.

I watched the Oscars today. I don' think I've ever watched the Oscars start to finish but as I watched them, I jotted down a few thoughts.

It is interesting that an Australian is hosting the Oscars.

12:30pm Oscars begin. Good think I'm not working and have time for this.

Good opening number.

I always think the part where they show who died in the previous 365 days is very classy. But I was disappointed not to see George Carlin's face. So he wasn't big in the movies, I thought it was show biz.

Art Direction, Animation, Costumes, makeup, Screenplays...they should get all these awards out of the way at the beginning, then let me know when the good awards start. I could have been doing something a bit more productive.

Jack Black and Jennifer Aniston, good pair. Could just watch Jack Black comedy all night.

Seth Rogen cracking up at James Franco was a funny moment during the presentation of best short action film.

Heath Ledger winning Best Supporting Actor: Such a sad story. I was in Iowa last year when I heard he died. Didn't realize how big he was going to be. Now that I'm in Australia, Ledger's homeland, I realize how special he was.

Bill Maher is nuts.

This is the most boring television. Honestly. Now that I think of it, I have sat through an entire academy awards, but vowed never to do it again. They are that long.

What happened to Adrien Brody? Looks a bit different. Very hairy.

I think on a long enough time line, every A-List celebrity gets an oscar. Think about your top 20 actors. I bet most of them have one.

I didn't see any of the nominated movies this year. Not one of them. Was still a fun show.

Joe Dirt never won any awards, but I still like it.

In case any of you wonder where I live: I live in Sydney which is in the state of New South Wales. (In Bill Bryson's book Down Under, he writes, "Among the many small and interesting mysteries of Australia in its early days is where so many of its names come from. Captain Cook called the eastern coast New South Wales, and no one now has any idea why. Did he mean to signify that this would be a new Wales of the South or merely a newer version of South Wales? If the latter, why just South Wales and not the whole of it? No one can say. What is certain is that he had no known connection to that principality, southerly or otherwise."

The fires you probably heard about recently were in Victoria, where Melbourne is located.

Cairns and Brisbane are in Queensland along with the Great Barrier Reef going up the coast. As you can see by the map (and what a colorful map it is!) there isn't much in South Australia besides Adelaide, Western Australia besides Perth, and the Northern Territory.

Tasmania, well, everyone makes fun of Tasmania like it really isn't a state.

Alright, I'm about off to my hockey game. if you want to email

UPDATE: Just walked in from the hockey game. We won 15-8, I think I had another three goals. The team we played wasn't as strong as the one we played last weekend so we were able to pass a bit more and skate it out of our end. Here is the link to the hockey league I'm in with results. I don't believe stats are on there yet, but they do have a stat keeper.


Anonymous said...

You are so funny Ryan. You always have something crazy and unexpected to say. LOL

Jon said...

1-1 Team 4 vs. 0-2'd it go?