Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Random post today. No structure, just thoughts.

Had a job interview yesterday with Hog's Breath Cafe in Cronulla, three train stops away from my suburb of Gymea. It looks just like the Hog's Breath Saloon in Key West, FL but has no real ties to that chain. There are dozens of them around Australia, whereas only three or four in the USA. I am hoping to be a server there. There is a chance I am starting tomorrow on a trial run. The manager basically said he hires on personality and that serving can be taught. Fair enough.

Alright, that last sentence was pretty structured, but from here on out. No structure.

We lost in hockey on Monday 9-8. Close game. No one really cares who wins or loses. But it does get pretty physical. I had a couple goals, we were down 6-2 and came back to make it 7-7. Almost tied it up with under a minute to go.

There is no open-container law here in Australia. The Australians can't figure out why we have that law. They bring up some good points. The scenario I imagine is if the passengers are too drunk and distract the driver from being safe. But it is a good question. Meanwhile seatbelt laws here are very strict. Same goes for cell phone use while driving.

I filled out my NCAA bracket today. Congrats to whoever gets my 10 bucks. I never played basketball, I don't watch college basketball, yet I choose to gamble on it anyway. It is like picking KENO or powerball numbers. But I filled out six this year, and I think five of them are different so maybe I'll win one of the pools. All were free except for the one.

My Uncle Daryl has a facebook page. I bet my bank account he didn't sign himself up. What's that seeing a dog wearing a coat, you know the dog didn't put it on himself.

I hear newspapers are closing or talking about closing around the country. I was telling my dad I only get my news from the internet. I never read a paper. My thought is papers should make some money off the internet, not try to compete with it. You'll probably hear that argument a lot so don't assume that I'm copying someone's idea. I am. I just agree with it.

Listening to a Jerry Seinfeld CD right now. There's a part that reminds me of my scuba diving experience. He talks about scuba diving in Australia"

"Another great activity where your main goal is to not die. There's a fish, there's a rock, who cares, don't die......."

That might be my first non George Carlin quote since starting this blog back in October. See I can appreciate other humor.

Oh I won my third meat tray in five weeks on Tuesday night. I've recently been grilling almost every night. I am overstocked on protein. It is great because I've given up meat pies and now enjoy lamb chops, skewers. They have these burger type things called Rissols. I can hardly pronounce it. I have no idea what's in it, but it is meaty and pretty good.

The Masters is coming up in less than a month. My favorite PGA tournament of all. What's terrible here is when there isn't a PGA tournament going on, I watch whatever professional tour Australia and New Zealand have. There's nothing like watching a sport as boring as golf on tv and having to watch basically amateurs.

Shark attacks have been in the news a lot while I've been here. I'd say 5 or 6 attacks have taken place here around Sydney. I don't believe anyone has died, but limbs have been lost. Also up north I read about crocodile attacks. Recently a girl died after being snatched up by a croc. Again, I just can't imagine being in these scenarios. Did I mention I haven't been in the water in a few weeks?

Subway Sandwiches here is huge. I would say that KFC and Subway have way more popularity than they do in the states. Also they have Burger King, but it is called Hungry Jack's with the same logo. Google it if you want to know more. Interesting thing about Subway is they don't serve potato chips. Your options instead are two cookies, yogurt or a bag of apples. It is very strange for me to not eat chips with my sandwhich, but much healthier.

The above picture is from a few weeks back. I visited Sea Cliff Bridge. You can't see it because it is way in the background. It is a stretch of highway that goes out over the water. Only a few of them exist in the world. A lot of car commercials are filmed there. See the pic below.

That's all for now. -Ryan

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Jon said...

So you're grilling it up lately, eh? That's awesome. I think we are going to grill like crazy this summer. I am basically illiterate on the grill. I need some pointers from my bro!