Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Adelaide and Melbourne Photos

Hello there, here are the photos I promised from Adelaide and Melbourne. Enjoy!

First stop in Adelaide after the airport: Cleland (Not Cleveland) Wildlife Park

Tasmanian Devil. Cute or ugly I suppose

Feeding a kangaroo. Kind of a slimy endeavour

Kangaroo slime on my hands

It was $30 to hold the koala, but touching it like I'm doing here was free of charge.

I can't remember if this is a wallabee or a kangaroo, but it has a baby in its pouch.

I ordered a lot of drinks from the Hog's Breath Cafe that I hadn't tried before.

Out at the club with Sean from Canada

And Shannon from Adelaide (both former coworkers from Carnival)
Where am I?
Only 17,594K (10,935 miles) away from NYC

View from the top of the world's largest rocking horse

View from the bottom...

Old truck in a country town

Wine tasting menu at Wolf Blass

Wolf Blass was very classy

I dressed up for the occasion. Just kidding. I only had one sweatshirt and one pair of jeans for the trip. I travel light.

Inside Wolf Blass store

Lunch: tasted great!

The other folks on my tour.

The second winery I visited, Vine Crest

My favorite picture

The Vine Crest wines I sampled

The landscaping was beautiful at all the wineries

Great view from this lookout. It was a gorgeous grey day. (An English friend of mine said I'm definitely becoming an Englishman due to my spelling of the word "grey."

Our third stop of the tour, Grant Burges winery

The sun poked its head out for a few minutes here

I discovered I love the port

Our final stop, the Kies winery

I sampled a few more here

The view from the back of the Kies winery. Endless fields...

The front of the Kies winery store

The Whispering Wall

I could hear someone speak from all the way across the dam.

Somewhere in the middle. My friend had lent me that winter jacket thankfully.

Bowling with Sean and Shannon. I won both games.

Some art in Adelaide. Pretty cool looking

The Coopers Brewery

I found this bottle of Bud on display. Coopers distributes Budweiser and Michelob Ultra, imported from the USA.

Walking around the facility I had to wear this safety vest.

The warehouse that is connected to the bottling warehouse

Frank, the tour guide, pouring some samples

The Coopers label

My free glass, outside the brewery

Friday night, ordering expensive drinks

Shaun Filiaut of Keene, NH, we visited the Haigh's Chocolate factory.

Sim, myself and Shannon. I met Sim on the plane and he introduced me to Shannon. We had a fun night out in Melbourne.
The view from the Eureka Sky Deck, the southern hemisphere's tallest building

Not quite worth $16, but still a good time

Finally! Some maple syrup! This was an awesome meal

My tourist shuttle in Melbourne

A good view of the city from the tour bus

Outside Rod Laver Arena

Serena and Nadal, 2009 Aussie Open champs

The campus was gorgeous

Bust of Rod Laver

One of the side courts. I had to stick my camera through a gate to get this photo

Inside the gift shop. I didn't purchase anything as they were out of most of their Australian Open gear, but I had this photo taken. Good enough.

The trams of Melbourne

The beach referred to in the movie Point Break

The brightest rainbow I've ever seen. This is on the Great Ocean Road tour

Some of the 12 Apostles


The waves were huge!

I wonder how the Sox did today....hmmm

It was very windy up there, I'm glad I had my hat (beanie)

Not a lot of sun that day, but it was still beautiful

I took this picture with the timer and set the camera on a post. I think this is one of my favorites of the day.

This area I'm standing in was completely surrounded by those rocks except for opening behind me.


At the old London Bridge Arch, which no longer exists

It fell into the sea about 20 years ago

But it is still amazing to see
Thanks for checking these out, come back again in about ten days to see some photos from Queenstown, New Zealand!

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