Friday, August 7, 2009

My fortnightly list (4)

Hey there everybody. Thanks for checking back in. Due to my travels last week, I wasn't able to post a weekly list, but thanks to the the Queen's English, I can just change the title to "Fortnightly", a word that I had never used before arriving in Australia. In the USA, I would have said "bi-weekly" or "every other week." Why the word fortnight hasn't caught on in America, I'm not sure. Every other week works fine to me I suppose.

Because I am once again headed off for another trip in just over 24 hours, and I've posted five blogs in five days, I'm going to keep this one nice and short and use some pictures. My next Fortnightly List will be more in depth, I promise.

Today, here are 10 Random things I no particular order

10. Raclette

When I was in Europe in the year 2000, several of the families I stayed with served up Raclette (pronounced Rock-lette) for dinner. It is a great tasting meal and a fun meal too if you have four or more people. The Raclette grill, shown above has eight trays, one for each person at the table presumably. Each person cooks their own food at the table with the grill which is the top part of the shown contraption. The lower shelf is where you put your tray so that cheese can melt all over your veggies and meat. It doesn't take long, as long as the grill has been fired up for awhile. I last had this meal in Tucson in the summer of 2007 at my host family's house, the Worcester's.

9. The History Channel

I haven't been able to watch this channel in a long time, but it's one of those ones where I'll be sitting at home on a Saturday or Sunday, flipping through the countless channels we're offered, and then just stop on some random program about the 1920's or the Civil War. I gotta tell you, history class in high school, whether it was US History or that Western Civilization class (which I think dealt with some history, wasn't paying attention) bored me. I always had that miserable feeling knowing I was to be tested on the material. Maybe it's the lefty in me that learns more with pictures than I do with lectures. Perhaps if Mr. McCormack had played me some History Channel back at Keene High, I would have done much better.

8. The H2

I know a lot of people think this is a disgusting automobile but I've always had a thing for it. I rank right up there with the "World's most uninterested man" when it comes to cars. Seriously, I don't care what I drive. Does it get me there? Good. The Hummer 2, is a pretty intimidating vehicle. I had the luxury of riding shotgun in one sometime in the early 2000's and let me tell you, I was very very comfortable. I wasn't paying for gas and I didn't have to worry about staying in my lane. The heated seats and unbelievable amount of room in there had my undivided attention.

7. Mini Golf

It's been awhile since I mini golfed, but I don't believe I've lost interest in the sport. Ever since I was a child, I remember having a great time mini golfing. As I grew, it was always a fun thing to do, like bowling, even a good location for a date. I've mentioned Twinkle-Town in Swanzey, NH before. It was where most of my memories are from. The above picture is from the Cozumel, Mexico mini golf course. I think it is 2005. It is the first mini golf course I've ever been to that delivers beer and spirits to each hole and lets you request background music.

6. Sunflower Seeds

Playing baseball from the age of 7-18, I consumed, cracked, ate and spit millions of sunflower seeds and shells. I believe it was my Uncle Jon who taught me how to split them open properly. He would share them at recess at Fuller Elementary. There was a time when I was eating three bags in one seven inning game, just an absurd amount of sunflower seeds. I would have a huge amount of seeds in my back pocket, and while playing in the outfield, would reload with a mouthful of seeds in between pitches. I used to collect the empty bag and ended up with hundreds of them. I'm not sure why I kept them, but I do know this: They are bad for you! Have you ever looked at the nutrition facts? One tiny 32g bag of seeds contains 16 grams of fat. And I remember something about a lot of cholesterol too. Man, I sure loved that metabolism when I was growing up.

5. Redheads

No explanation needed.

4. The microwave

I wouldn't be here without it. But seriously, if a food's instructions say "put in oven for 35 minutes, keep checking back to see if done" or "microwave for 5-6 minutes," what would you do? Campbell's soups taste just as good in the microwave as they do on the stove. I need some cooking lessons...

3. Wearing a suitIt has been ages since I've worn my suits. Back in my cruise ship days, I would wear a suit as often as six nights a week. I love going to a wedding or a banquet and looking good. I also like walking around a city and seeing people in suits hurry around to their next luncheon or meeting. People tend to respect a person who is dressed to the nine's. And as I've been told, the shoes should always be shined. Remember that.

2. Snapple Lemon Iced Tea

Besides water, I think Snapple Lemon Iced Tea may be the drink that I've consumed more of than any other in my life. The beverage distributorship that myself and my family have worked for, has sold Snapple Lemon Iced Tea for nearly 20 years. It has always been one of their top selling products. At some point I started drinking this and never stopped. Most of my convenience store stops had me purchasing one. My uncle Daryl always had a fridge stocked full of it too. It's just a great tasting iced tea. I look forward to my next one.

1. Hockey Jerseys

Some people hate hockey jerseys, but I think they're great! Comfortable, and good looking. I have a small collection of about 20 replica NHL jerseys packed away in Keene, NH. The problem is, it's a super expensive hobby and there aren't a lot of events to wear a hockey jersey to. The jerseys I own as I mentioned are replica, the cheapest version. Then there's authentic. There's also game worn, which are very expensive. I'm sure there are other kinds I don't know of, but they get pricey. Most of mine don't have a name or number on the back, but I do have an authentic-replica (confusing I know) Minnesota North Stars, Mike Modano #9 jersey. I would consider that to be my favorite. In the picture above I had to show the Great One, #99 Wayne Gretzky.

Thanks for reading, see you back here in a fortnight.

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