Sunday, May 10, 2009

And here we go again!

Harry: So you got fired again, eh?
Lloyd: Oh yeah. They always freak out when you leave the scene of an accident, you know?
Harry: Yeah, well, I lost my job too.
Lloyd: Man, you are one pathetic loser. No offense.

- Dialogue from the movie Dumb and Dumber

Hello there. I was going to write a Mother's Day post, but then had to work a double shift on Saturday and Sunday. So I did not get to it. Actually the above quote is appropriate because work asked me not to return last night after I clocked off. So....for the second time in a few months, I am now out of work.

They said it was due to my performance and falling behind a bit when it came to making coffees. In my defense, I know I worked my butt off. In my heart, I worked as hard as I ever have. I probably should have mastered the coffee machine sooner, but I walk away with a new set of skills, and also the pride in knowing that I did the best I could. Maybe I'm not cut out for the restaurant business. Either way, I refuse to dwell on this. It is the restaurant's loss that I will no longer be working there.

And so the hunt begins, again...
Tonight is our first playoff hockey game. As I mentioned in last week's post, we should win. Although we do have one problem. Goalies. Throughout the season, we've had three goalies who rotate playing the two games each week. Now only one goalie is available for the remainder of the season. Last week I heard we were desperate to find another goalie. So this whole season might just end in a rather boring fashion if they haven't found anyone to mind the nets.

It reminds me of the scene from the movie Clerks where the convenience and video store clerks (Dante and Randal) close the store and have a hockey game on the roof of the Quik Stop. But they lose the ball in gutter on the first play of the game and nobody brought another ball, so the game was over. That could be tonight for me.

I'm currently watching the Celtics vs. Magic on TV Live. This has been one of the best surprises of the past month, having live NBA games on my TV in Australia. Also I am able to listen to Boston Red Sox games online now as well as NHL playoff games. Have you ever tried listening to hockey on the radio? It is nearly impossible. It is basically just a guy constantly naming off who has the puck. Crazy Russian and eastern European names too. I just like to hear the part where the announcer says "HE SCORES!"

This is about 20 minutes later than the last paragraph. Just watched the Celtics win at the buzzer! That was amazing to watch. Also I was on a video conference call with my buddy Matt Zidron from Chicago at the time. So we watched it together. The broadcast in the US was about 15 seconds faster than the one in Australia. Matt was also watching the Red Sox/Rays game on TV and showed me his tv screen. It is just remarkable how I can see people on the other side of the world through my computer screen.

If any of you ever want to do the conference call with me, my Skype name is rywatts9. Don't know what skype is? It is a great way to communicate with friends and family in other countries. Email me and I'll tell you about it.

No worries, mate. Talk soon - Ry

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- Edmund - said...

Oh man, that sucks about the job. You know what...I have no idea how to make coffee, so I would be screwed too and I have worked in a restaurant for years. Keep your head up. This journey is all about pushing buttons and pushing forward. You will make it.