Sunday, May 24, 2009

My weekend at the Pig Party

I am just wrapping up a very lazy Sunday. It is around 8pm and I'm watching 60 Minutes (Australia) with my roommate. The current story is about Australia's most successful band, AC/DC, otherwise known here as "Aca-Daca." They are in their 60's now, have sold over 200 million records. Impressive. I have the song "It's a long way to the top (if you want to rock and roll)" in my head right now.

Yesterday I attended Curt York's Swine Flu party. Perhaps it wasn't the most PC name for a party, but it was a very good time. The Yorks bought a 65 pound pig and had a good crowd over to their place. I donated my first meat tray for lunch and had a fun time grilling for the seven or eight of us who were there early.

Curt is a "man's man" I'd have to say. It was amazing watching him do about a dozen different projects while I was just enjoying the beer and the horderves. Actually all the York men are like this. One was painting a doorway while the other was fixing his keg that he holds his home brewed beer in. They were moving things and fixing stuff. I offered to help a couple times although I really had no idea what to do if they said yes to my offer. It was just real impressive to see them do all this handy work in preparation for the party. A couple of times I told Curt I hoped he could relax a little. I think he finally was able to once that pig was done cooking. The guy is a worker though.

It was a great time to see Mike and Curt's parents as well as a lot of people that the York boys have introduced me to while living here. Oh, another fun thing about the day was when I arrived. I weighed myself and was 158.5 pounds...the lightest I've been since being a teenager I'm sure. Then I feasted.

The day felt like Thanksgiving for me. There was so much good food to eat. The pig tasted amazing. There were great sides of corn, mashed potato, apple sauce, salad, bread, chips, dips and the list goes on and on. I made sure to enjoy it. There was lots of good company too.

I made it home around 3am and set my alarm for 9:30am so I could watch game 3 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals. Carolina was beat up by the Penguins again, going down 3-0 in the series. That Penguins team is stacked with superstars. I pick them to win it all. Earlier last week I emailed the Carolina Hurricanes radio broadcaster Chuck Kaiton with a question. During the second intermission of Canes games, he conducts "Kaiton's Corner" and answers a few questions from listeners. So I emailed him asking about the Carolina head coach Paul Maurice and told him I was listening to every game from down in Australia. Well Chuck was kind enough to write me back and say he would try to get my question on the air today. He didn't include it, but it was exciting to have him personally respond to my email.

Our next season of hockey starts tomorrow. I'm thrilled that I will continue to have the opportunity to play hockey once a week. My scar is looking okay. By the time I get home (or wherever we run into each other again), hopefully you won't be able to even see it anymore.

This week I hope to find a couple more leads on the job search. I've been working on a few blog posts that you might see in about a week, so I'll continue to work on those. And I will hopefully have a solid workout everyday. I have to run off that meal from the swine party.

Enjoy some of these photos from yesterday. There was a good crowd there but these are just of the Yorks, Eoin and myself. See ya.

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