Monday, May 11, 2009

Hockey Mondays (Playoffs)

Tonight's semi final matchup was a great one. Unfortunately we lost 16-13. I don't think it was our team's best effort of the season, but on a personal level, I felt good. I had a hat trick, including an Alexander Ovechkin-esque goal. It was a forehand shot from on my knees, from about 15 feet in front of the goal with a defender all over me. Looked something like this...except mine was a forehand...and I was in a men's league inline game.

We actually had a decent crowd for us. Probably 20 people including Eoin and another buddy, Bryce. So there were actually cheers when I scored it. One player says I'm king of the garbage goal. I disagree. I think I'm king of making goals look GOOD! I told Mike it is redemption for all those years I spent on defense.

Our problem seemed to be taking care of the little pests on their team. Whenever we scored one, they came back with one. At half, we were down 8-3. After three quarters we were down 14-8! The final quarter was pretty excitng as we narrowed the lead to 15-13. I missed the 16th goal, but Mikey York put it in our own goal. It happens.

Mike had a great hit on one of those little pests early on. The kid had already had a penalty for hacking me and was really giving it to Yorky. Nobody was noticing, but finally Mike shoved him down while everyone was watching...I think he muttered something like "Hit me again, I'll kill ya..." and we didn't really hear from #55 again.

I told Mike he almost was in a DonnyBrook...and he had never heard of this old fashioned hockey phrase. For those of you who don't know, the definition of a donnybrook is: an inordinately wild fight or contentious dispute; brawl; free-for-all. Take that with you.

I thought we were going to make the incredible comeback. It reminded me for a bit of a hockey game I played versus Berlin as a youth. We were up by three goals at home against them pretty much due to them not having their best player Chad Lauze. He was running late. He showed up for the third period, hat a hat trick and we lost. We were down six going into that final period and nearly pulled it off.

So we'll be playing in the toilet bowl game next week. No hard feelings. It was another great workout. I think we only take a couple weeks off before the next series starts and I believe we will be keeping the same teams, instead of shuffling them up.

Even the Chiefs couldn't win them all....goodnight.

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