Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Brother

It is my brother's 30th birthday today. Happy birthday Jon. Wow. 30. Congratulations. Between the two of us, you are always the one who goes through life's big moments first. i.e. high school, college, turning 30! It can't be easy. Rather, you make it easier for me to go through them! So I hope you have a great 30th. We'll have a celebratory drink when I return. I'm only 22 months behind ya, Jonny Watts. And I'm not saying you're vintage, but that's a pretty cool logo.

Two other brothers from New Hampshire: John and Jeremy Ryan

There was no hockey game on Monday night due to the Queen's birthday. Next game is Monday night at 7:30pm, or around 5:30am Eastern Time Zone on Monday for you Americans.

I went to the city today to see a tax specialist. The end of the fiscal year is June 30. So I am getting a nice little paycheck in about one month from the Australian government. It was a cold day. Well, it was the coldest day of the year so far. I think it was between 50-55 degrees. Yes I've been spoiled. The last winter I experienced was in January of 2008.

The Red Sox vs. Yankees were on TV when I woke up on Wednesday morning. It was so special to sit for two and a half hours and watch the Sox beat up on the Yanks. I ate my breakfast right in front of our big screen and missed home like crazy every time they showed a Dunkin' Donuts sign. It was the NESN broadcast. It isn't the same without the Rem-Dog, Jerry Remy, but Dennis Eckersly does a pretty good job. He isn't exciting to listen to, but has good things to say.

Sorry, Jon. I had to put this photo up. Mom, what diet did ya have me on? That's why I love Dunkin' Donuts so much.

Around 9am tomorrow, game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals will be taking place. I intend to watch it online. I had great reception on my laptop for game 6. I predict the Red Wings will win. I've never even considered that the Penguins could win. What an upset that would be. How about overtime, game 7?! That would be the best scenario.

Eoin, the guy I met through the Yorks set me up with some yard work and painting over the weekend. It might be a one or two week job, so hopefully it will be pay some of the bills. The man I'm going to work with sounded very nice over the phone. His name is Peter, he needs help lifting and is going through a divorce. I'm sure it will be good company.

Well, that's it for tonight. Between going to the city, and exercising today, I walked probably seven or eight miles. And I was up early, so it is time to get some rest. Hopefully there will be interesting topics to cover in the next few days. As soon as they happen, you'll hear about them. Goodnight.

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