Thursday, June 18, 2009

U.S. Open Day 1

Good morning! It is 3:00am Friday morning here in Gymea, New South Wales, Australia. I have decided to do a running diary of the US Open golf tournament as it will be shown live on my TV. Unfortunately it runs from 3:00am-9:0am Friday-Monday. After day one, we'll see if I feel like getting up for the front nine again tomorrow.

You probably are asking yourself, "Is Ryan a big golf fan? Does he even know how to golf?" The answer is I am a golf fan and given enough tries, I can get a small ball in a small hole 400 yards away. I've never broken 100 on a golf course, I like playing mini-golf, and no matter how bad I play, I always try to have some fun with it.

Like so many other people, Tiger Woods is the reason I watch golf. Sure there are some other exciting members of the PGA Tour, but Tiger is worth watching every time. He's Jordan, Bird, Gretzky, etc. I am full on rooting for him to win.

Prepare to read topics that have nothing to do with golf as it is very early....

3:04am: Great idea setting my alarm. This feels like a solid idea on paper already, yet not so much in actuality. Just turned the TV on to find the greens soaked and play stopped with Tiger at +1 through six. This is a sure sign to go back to bed. So...I will. 6am sounds good to me. See ya.

6:00am: Play suspended until Friday! Well I guess I could sneak in a fifth day of golf on TV next week. Back to bed. Check back in tomorrow for day two.

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