Sunday, June 21, 2009

U.S. Open Day 4

3:37am: I'm late getting started this morning. I apologize for the delay. But just to remind you, it is 3:30am here. I believe that is one of the toughest hours of the night to try to wake up in. I was entering my "zone" and really just wanted to keep sleeping. Once again for those of you just checking in for the first time, I've been watching every moment of U.S. Open Golf possible for the past four days, with the exception of the past seven minutes.

3:43am: Before I went to bed, I read the ESPN blog. Jason Sobel is the guy's name. His updates have been very helpful. He reported that this tournament will most likely go five days, and even a sixth day if there was a playoff! It reminds me of one of those Carnival Cruises I used to be on during hurricane season that would never end.

3:48am: I've had a few minutes to check the leader board. I'll admit I'm still rather groggy, more so than any of the previous three mornings. My body must be screaming at me, "What is going on!?" But I'm over the halfway point, no turning back now. This Barnes character is still well ahead of the field and Tiger is not even close.

3:50am: Looking at this leaderboard is just boring. A bunch of names I don't recognize and not exactly close currently. Something exciting is bound to happen, and hopefully I'll get to know some of these unknowns as the morning progresses.

3:55am: What did I tell ya? The lead is only four now. While it has popped into my head, Happy Fathers Day to my Dad. Also to the rest of my family members who are fathers. I hope you have a very special day, wish I could be there.

4:00am: All the Australians are over par for the tournament. Come on boys! Make us blokes down here proud! Noticing that Tiger is wearing his signature RED today. Of course it is Sunday. If this does go until Monday, is he required to still wear red that day also? Because, if you want to get technical, we are still playing Saturday's round...I think.

4:04am: I'm currently Skype-ing with my brother. He mentioned I should say something about David Duval. I haven't really noticed him this tournament even though he is in the hunt. There was a time where he was right up there with Tiger and Phil. We agreed that he does look like an odd duck.

4:07am: Mike Weir! What's going on fella? Three bogies in a row. Must not have had his Tim Hortons today. (Canada, anyone?)

4:10am: A guy named Glover is currently 2nd. He did make me feel better when he hit a ball out of a trap, and over the green. I thought to myself how many times I've done that! But what usually happens with me is, I then it it back into the trap it was originally in.

4:15am: Just reading over on that with the rain and the beer, some of the NY gallery have been busy heckling. "Suck it up, you've got your own video game!" someone shouted at Woods.

4:21am: If Barnes does win this thing, I hope it is in a playoff. I also hope some guy named Noble is in the playoff. That would be too perfect. Is it too early to hit the coffee? I might need it. TIGER just chipped in again on 17.

4:26am: I don't know when Tiger chipped in, but they showed a replay of him doing so. It happened sometime today. Also I mentioned it yesterday, but today is the shortest day of the year in Australia. I'll be sleeping once this round ends, then off to hockey tonight.

4:33am: First coffee is served. Barnes with a 6 shot lead now. I'm having trouble remembering what time of day it is there because there is no sun shine on the course. 14 hour difference.

4:39am: I mentioned yesterday that nobody wears the golf visor anymore. Lee Westwood is sporting one today. My mistake.

4:46am: Ricky Barnes has on some stylish plaid pants. They don't look too silly either. Kind of hip. Some interesting fashions out there actually. My brother and I were commenting on Sergio's all black outfit. We wondered if he could squeeze any more black into that. Phil also went with the black. Duval loks a bit dumpy with his light blue shirt.

4:56am: I don't think they would start the fourth round today. Do you? I am hoping that they just start the fourth round tomorrow. That way I could catch up on some sleep. Mickelson with a near hole in one. Let's go boys. Get back in this thing. Do not make this the most boring major I've ever watched.

5:00am: Always nice to enter a new hour and get the 3's and 4am's behind me. My roommates should be getting up in this hour to get ready for work, and probably give me the "are you crazy" look. They're not really big sports buffs. Not at all actually.

5:06: Barnes is slowly losing his lead! A couple players are hanging around. Mickelson just made a couple birdies. I don't know what commercials you have over there, but Vijay Singh has at least two different companies he endorses here. Srixon and Cleveland golf. Ever heard of them?

5:12: Glover is coming back. Within three now. Glover is another guy I have no idea about. They say he is extremely intense. Good to know. Mahan is another guy in there. Never heard of him. Ames is another. Who are these people? What's the deal with Corn Nuts?


5:19: I would love to have breakfast right now from Timoleon's, The Pub or The Stage restaurants in in Keene, NH. Heck, throw in the Swanzey Diner too.

5:26: They should invite John Daly to play. Ratings would go up I'm sure. I'd be more inclined to watch.

5:28: Barnes with another bogey. Only up 2 now. I was reading that he is the 519th ranked player in the world. Eventually he will probably come back down to earth. Looks like that might be now.

5:36: David Duval still hanging in there. Mickelson with a great birdie putt. Things are picking up a little here! That was the most exciting putt I've seen all day. I'm also following the Red Sox online this morning. They are leading 5-4 in the 7th inning.

5:44: Phil is the one to watch right now. Creating some excitement on this overcast day. Because it is the longest day of the year here, I would love to see some sunlight in NY. Not gonna happen.
5:48: Phil just high fived every spectator he could walking to the next hole. How cool is that? I like when athletes can show their human side while they're out there. It can't be easy and I don't expect it, but it's great to see a smile on his face. I read that the golfers are loving the enthusiasm of the NY crowd this week.

5:53: Okajima just gave up the lead in the Red Sox game. 5-5 now. Tiger missed a birdie putt. He is having a solid -2 round, but not gaining any ground. The roommate is now up. He'll be cooking his breakfast up soon which will make me want to do the same. Trying to hold off for another 45 minutes or so.

6:00am: Phil! Another birdie. Just reading that he had four bogeys and a double today. Man if he could have parred those holes, he would be right on top. But he sits seven back.

6:07: Oh I see why I was confused earlier about Tiger. He was on the 17th green, but he started his round on the 10th hole. So he did birdie 17, but it was his 8th hole of the day. Glad I figured that out. Just needed to wake up.

6:12: Wow, everyone is nearly done with their rounds for the day. I might skip breakfast and go straight back to bed. But I'll be here until the end. Tiger is done for the day, shot a 68. You never know what could happen on Sunday, er Monday.

6:18: Cereal Time.

6:25: I was thinking of making a prediction right now of who will win, but really I have no clue. Absolutely no idea who I think will win. So let's just say Duval. He is hanging around. He's not my favorite of course, but I had to pick someone that has a chance.

6:30: There's a 40% chance of rain tomorrow starting around 4pm, although there's a 30% chance of showers starting as early as 1pm. I wonder if they'll get the final round in. I'll be here whenever it happens. Only a couple holes left today to be played.

6:38: Barnes with a smile after sinking a long putt on 17. Some golf fans out there, I'm reading, are not impressed with his enthusiasm. Sounds like old school golfers to me. Hey if a guy wants to get excited, I don't care.

6:44: Duval finishes with a 70, -3 overall. My prediction is a solid one. Red Sox won with a walk off home run. Cannot wait to get back to Red Sox Nation someday.

6:50: The photo I used today is obviously from Nintendo Golf. My all time favorite golf game would have to be Golden Tee 97. Back in 2005 on the Carnival Elation, in the crew bar, there was an old Golden Tee 97 arcade game. It was free to play and I had mastered one of the courses and had the ship record with something around 20 under. Eventually the game was so old and blurry that you really needed to know the course in order to do well.

6:58: Barnes struggling on the last hole to get out of the rough. I do hope he hangs around. You hate to see a guy collapse. Alright, he made it out. I hope that tomorrow I get to see more golf than I did today. 3 and a half hours sounds like I missed a good chunk of it.

7:00am (5pm Eastern Time): Barnes bogey'd and brings only a one shot lead into the final round. Well that about wraps it up for today. Check back in in about seven or eight hours and I'll be posting a special piece I've been working on. Then it's back for Day 5 tomorrow. I'll also post the hockey results in the top right corner after my game tonight. Thanks again for checking in. Happy Fathers Day. Goodmorning/night.

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