Monday, June 15, 2009

Nobody did it like Norm...the update

Some months go by fast, some slow. June is flying by! I can usually tell by the amount of posts I write in a month. This is my fourth post in June, which according to my standards, isn't reaching my quota. But as I've mentioned in the past, if the inspiration isn't there, I can't force words.

The last week was pretty uneventful. I went out with my roommate for the first time in awhile on Saturday night. Have I ever mentioned that his name is Steve? Well, Steve and I went over to his buddy Lockey's place. Remember early on I talked about nicknames? I don't even know Lockey's name. It's just Lockey, as I am Watto. Lockey built a fire pit in his back yard, so Steve, Lockey, myself, and Steve's friend Elyse had some drinks and food around the camp fire. It was low maintenance fun. I indulged in some foods I have sworn off for the past few months including an ice cream bar, cheese and crackers, potato chips and garlic bread. It was fun just eat some junk and not worry about it. One of these days I will find my balance in eating junk food and exercising, but I'm still paranoid about being the 175-180 pound Ryan again. My goal is to be able to eat some of my favorites like ice cream and pop corn, and be happy about the fact that I've done so, and not worry about calories or fat content. The new Ryan is still evolving.

Lockey, Steve and I went to see the movie the Hangover on Friday night. Very funny movie. Just insanity taking place in Las Vegas. What a city eh? I've been there for just 48 hours in my life and need to go back to experience more. Through my travels I have met a handful of people living there, and need to take them up on their offers for a visit. Oh and heck yeah I had movie popcorn for the first time in over two months. That stuff is the best. Was gone 5 minutes into the movie.
Keene High School in Keene, New Hampshire won the NH State Tournament yesterday. I was emailing my brother as he was watching it in Manchester. It brought back great memories. When I was a freshman and sophomore, I watched my brother's teams win back to back state titles. I am pretty positive after both of those titles, the student body rushed the field. I remember being in the pile in my street clothes. When I was a junior and senior, the teams I was on lost in the semi finals and... actually I can't remember. That's kind of nice that I can't remember the losses. If I thought about it hard enough I could, but who wants that? Anyhow, Keene beat Alvirne 9-4 to win their first championship in 12 years. I told Jon that the teams I used to play on would always pitch me at Alvirne (Hudson, NH) because there were no fences, so all I had to do was pitch the ball over the plate, get 400 foot fly balls, and win the game. Ah, baseball memories.

My foot is killing me right now. I actually can barely stand on it. As mentioned up on the right part of the page, I blocked a shot in hockey tonight taken by the guy who has the hardest slap shot in our league. One might ask here if it is worth blocking shots in a men's league hockey game. Good question. But it was the foot, and if you've ever played any sport, getting hit in the foot hurts. I'm almost positive I won't be going for a run tomorrow.

The Lakers and Penguins wrapped up their seasons with championships over the weekend. That's always tough to say goodbye to two sports in the same weekend. Who am I kidding really, I didn't watch any of the regular seasons of the NHL or NBA, but they playoffs are exciting. They take forever. Upcoming sporting events I look forward to: The US Open! Go Tiger!

Speaking of sports, 60 Minutes Australia did a piece on NASCAR driver Marcos Ambros on Sunday night. He is the first Australian NASCAR driver, and is doing a pretty good job. Out of 55 drivers, he is in the top 20 in points standings. Australians I don't think "get" NASCAR, so it was a real good piece on what the sport is like. I think the next race is in New Hampsha! I've never been to Loudon. I have to tick that one off the bucket list some day.

That's all I got. Goodnight.

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