Monday, January 19, 2009

The secret of my success....well no secret actually

And I am now a working man....

I wrote a bit of a story earlier about my first day on the job. The names and places were changed due to company security, but then I got a little paranoid and wondered if referring to a company without even mentioning its name is in some breach of the code of conduct. So I deleted it. I'll tell ya about my job in a personal email if you're interested. But it is customer service consulting. Not exactly the complaint department, but it could be some days. This call service center takes calls from all over Australia.

I had dinner with Judd Marcello last night. Great stat he told me: There are 20 million people living in Australia. There are about that many people living in the state of New York.
My roommates Steve and Jeff are nice guys, both Aussies, 28 and 30. It is Australia Day next Monday, which is like the 4th of July here. So after one week of work, I will already have my first 3 day weekend. How cool is that?
Hey Jon, I was thinking of "Hey is that Billy Shakespeare over there?" because I work with a guy whose last name is Shakespeare.

Talk to you all soon!

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Jon said...

Bill Shakespeare! Remember the reactions of Spade and Applegate in that skit? Made it one of the best of all time.