Thursday, January 29, 2009

"A lot of people hate this hat. It angers a lot of people, just the sight of it"

Ah, Uncle Buck! A classic from 1989, I put this one up because it was a great film, took place during the winter, which most people reading this are going through, and as you'll read in a bit, was made in a year where I started a long streak that is coming to an end on Monday.

So... hows the weather there? I hear it is terrible for most of you in the states. Having a crazy heat wave here! You may have heard about Melbourne or Adelaide having 110 degree weather. It hasn't been that hot here thankfully, but its not cool either.

The train to work is pretty rough. I am getting up at 5:30am these days. Getting home at 6:15pm. So I basically work, go home, eat, play around on the computer for awhile and go to bed around 10. Its just miserably hot on the train. Sometimes I can't find a seat, like Good Will Hunting said, "The commute is killin' me." Or I just feel like Michael Douglas in the picture below.

Work is going well. I am officially a Delivery Support Consultant for Coca Cola. I am still training, and haven't taken any live calls yet but will in about a week. Most of my calls will be from salesman, drivers, and customers with inquiries about their orders. So a lot of that responsibility includes adding credit to invoices. It's really new for me, but I am getting the hang of it. Nervous about my first day of calls. The technology is unreal though. I know it's nothing new, but a customer may call me asking where there order is, and because the drivers have handhelds, I can pretty much predict when the order should be there.

I am missing my first Superbowl since I began watching Superbowls! My first one was back in 1989 Super Bowl 23!, second grade. I remember how excited I was, along with all my friends, about the Bud Bowl! Don't remember much of the game, but Joe Montana won another SuperBowl, they beat the Bengals.

Some memorable superbowls for me were watched at Ken Macie's house. His family always had a big pizza party. The company most of my family works for always had a company pool as well. I don't believe I ever won any money from that. I watched one SuperBowl in Denver CO in 2000, three in Waukesha, Wisconsin from 01-04, three on a Carnival Cruise ship from 05-07 and another very disappointing but memorable one back in Waukesha in 2008. I did win over $400 on the Carnival Fascination in the score pool in 2005.

I can't watch the game because it is on at 10am on Monday morning. I will be at work. I'm not entirely disappointed because I wouldn't be able to see the great ads anyway. The ads here would be the same as any other day in Oz. The papers here are having fun because the punter for the Cardinals is the first ever Aussie to make the Super Bowl. In fact, four months ago he was cut by the Jets I believe. Pretty cool story.

I went to the band Dropkick Murphy's on Sunday night with a co-worker. This band is from Boston. They sing a song called Tessie, that the Red Sox play at each game. I can't remember if it is after the game or not. I think it is. They play Sweet Caroline in the 8th, and also Dirty Water after the game. Anyhoo, this song, is about the Red Sox. They also sang a song called "Shipping up to Boston" which was in the movie The Departed. I only knew three songs they sang, but it was a high energy, loud show. Only about a 1000 person venue. I think if I saw them in Boston, they'd be sold out in an arena. So I feel fortunate. There were a lot of Sox, Bruins and Celtic jerseys there. My crew made it right up front.

Then on Monday was Australia Day, like our Independence day in the States. I went to Curt Yorks house and had a cook out (barbie), then went to the beach and another guy's pool. Pretty fun day, got sun burned again. Bummer. From now on, I will be more careful although didn't I saw that a few weeks back.

Another one of my fav's from 1989: Major League

See ya!

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Danielle said...

I love Dropkick! They are playing in Boston in March.. I went last year.. it was crazy! They do sell out every time.
Talk to you soon!