Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is what I kind of look like at work....

Four days of work completed! It will take three weeks of training before I am ready to fully do my job, but in the first week I have learned a lot. I'm a customer service consultant for Coca-Cola Amatil. It is a 24-7 call center for customers, drivers, accounts, random questions and complaints for all of Australia. I think they mentioned having 120,000 accounts. It is that big. So I've been learning the computer system all week. Some very kind and intelligent people work there. It has been enjoyable. Too bad the office is located a good 1 hour and 20 minute commute away from my new apartment. But so far, the commute is a nice way to wake up. I need to find some good reading material. Books here are expensive, but so is everything else.

I hear my rollerblades have been sent out! I'm pretty excited. I believe I have my first game the first week of February. If they don't make it in time, make that the second week of February. Mike York will bring me to the games on Monday nights after work. I believe he said the games were close to Canberra, the country's capital city. If you ever read about Canberra you'll learn it is one of the strangest capital's in the world.

Its been ridiculously hot lately. Today was 96 I think with the humidity. It makes for a sweaty train ride home.

Monday is Australia Day. It is like America's Independence Day. So I already have a three day weekend to look forward to. From what I hear it is a big party much like the states. People are very patriotic here.

Everyone here is nuts about Obama. I think they are more into Obama than Americans are. The paper I read today must have had its first 15 pages dedicated to the new president. I have yet to meet one international republican. Are there any pro-republican articles that make it outside of the USA? Surely I would think to find one. But ya know what? Everybody here is happy about the future and so pro-United States. So that makes me happy.

I've missed the season premieres of LOST and 24. And due to international rights, I'm not even able to watch them onlin! So you're telling me I can't watch the NFL playoffs (well I could, but at 6am), LOST, 24, and obviously when it comes time, Major League Baseball. I knew it wouldn't be easy, so I sure hope I take a liking to Footy (soccer), Rugby league and Cricket. I have learned the rules of Cricket. Blah.

The Australian Open is going on right now in Melbourne. Of course I root for the Williams sisters or an American, but I kind of like Serbia's Jenena Jankovic also. She's the number one seed. From what I know, she's a real prima-donna. Why would I like her? Why not?
See ya!


Jon said...

Ry, the pictures continue to crack me up. "Game On!"

Are you saying you had no success downloading Lost or 24? How about on iTunes or something? I never know what to expect--especially with 24, which has had some off seasons--but for me, both shows are outstanding right now (Lost takes such great risks with storylines, that the reward for hanging in through all the seasons is huge. Like right now....I'll let you find out somehow)

Looking forward to a Dropkick entry..

It's 9:15 AM here on Sunday, I just gave Dan your blog address, so you should have a new reader--if not a blog follower--later this week.

Talk to you soon,


Shelby said...

Now, I would comment on your most recent blog, but since this one has a picture of people playing hockey, I pick this one hehe. How did your hockey game go? Did you play? Did you rock those roller skates? hahah