Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First week

This week I spent mostly making plans for the next few weeks.

On Tuesday I had dinner at Curt York's parents house. Great looking home on one of the many bay's down here. Good to see them again after 10 or 12 years. They spent a lot of time telling me what wildlife can kill me down here, which is apparently everything. Snakes, sharks, squid, jellyfish, spiders, I'm sure some bird is out to get me as well.

I ventured into Sydney yesterday on a rather lousy weather day for this neck of the woods. I walked by the Harbour bridge and across the water from the Sydney Opera House. It's nice to say I've finally seen these two landmarks with my own two eyes.

I've just booked a ticket to Cairns, one of the Australian cities up north. The Great Barrier Reef is up that way. I will be staying with a guy I've met through a family member. I also have an Up with People friend up there I hope to catch up with. My goal is to do some touristy things, then make my way back down to Sydney for New Years Eve.

Friday night I will be heading to the city again to have a night on the town. Should be fun. Then Saturday I will see my other acquaintance from Keene that lives in Sydney.

So even though some part of my days I feel a bit lost, I have been making progress.

All this traveling reminds me of George Carlin's "A place for my stuff"... I'm going to have stuff in NH, Sydney, Cairns, all over the WORLD! Check it out if you don't know what I"m taking about.

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Donna said...

Hey Ryan - Are you doing ok in the land Down under? Have you seen a Kangaroo yet? I can't wait to hear about the Great Barrier Reef- I am going to snorkel that area someday.

love ya and miss ya