Monday, December 1, 2008

Travel Day #1 (9:30am-10pm Eastern)

So my 35 (approximate) hour travel day to Australia took a detour right from the get go. My flight to Charlotte was delayed by 30 minutes, then was delayed from landing by another 20, therefore I missed my connection to LA, Fiji and Sydney.

So we'll try it again tomorrow and head to PHOENIX, then LAX, then I will be back on schedule and head to Fiji and Sydney as planned.

Some highlights from the day: 1. Waiting in line for 2 hours in Boston to figure out my messed up ticket situation (Too complicated to explain, but it was tedious to resolve) 2. Meeting a girl who lives in Jacksonville that talked completely too loud as far as airplane ettiquette goes, she liked to drop F bombs at the same volume. 3. Waiting in lines for 3 hours once arriving in Charlotte to figure out (A) how the hell am I getting to sydney and who's paying for it and (B) where on earth is my luggage and when will I see it again?

I think the average person would have had a nervous breakdown at some point. I actually saw many US Airways employees getting screamed at throughout the day. But I was just polite to them and they were even more cooporative with me. They actually mentioned to me that I was surprisingly calm for all they'd put me through. Haha!

Well hope tomorrow's post just says "Phoenix to LA to Fiji to Sydney" and that's all. For now I will enjoy my free HBO and wifi from the comfort of my Quality Inn hotel room.


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Anonymous said...

Ryan I'm so proud of you for remembwering your good manners. Better days are coming because your a good person.
`````` Gram