Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Travel Day # 2: Tuesday 7:00am Eastern – 9:30pm West Coast

So Tuesday started off pretty well. I had a nice continental breakfast at the Quality Inn, then headed to the airport. I almost connected with Adam Cunha, whom I went to Kindergarten with. He was going to pick me up at the hotel and take me to the airport until we realized I was right next to the airport. He is a facebook friend of mine, that is how I connected with him.
When it was finally time to board the plane, imagine my surprise when my ticket said FIRST CLASS: Seat 1A! I ended up trading with another First Class passenger so he could sit next to his buddy, so I was in 3F.
This was the best flight of my life. I was served a meal, coffee, dessert, a hot wet towel, a couple of vodka and tonics that resulted in one of the best naps I’ve ever had on a plane. Plus they gave me two of the little bottles for the road. I think the last time I had a meal on a plane I was 12. I can’t remember.
The travel industry may be in shambles, but first class hasn’t changed at all. I could get used to sitting up there.
The second flight to LA was fine. I’m starting to feel the fatigue of traveling. The plane to Fiji boards soon and I can’t wait to get some sleep. My luggage thankfully made it to LA with me, although I did have to pay a significant late fee for being a day late. And I guess once in Fiji, I have to pick up my bags, check them all over again, and probably pay a second late flight fee. It’s been a journey thus far. I didn’t doubt it would be, but I still have another day to go.
I’m pretty anxious now to get going. It’s hard to believe I’m still in the USA. Lets hope I sleep most of the 10+ hours to Fiji!
Signing off for tonight.


Judd said...

Mate, the red carpet is being sent back from the cleaners as we speak. Should be ready by the time you arrive...

Shelby said...

That's sweet! You lucky duck!