Saturday, December 13, 2008

Heading up North

So in about 8 hours I am flying up to Cairns (pronounced "Cans" to the people here). I'm staying with a friend of one of my cousins. I've never met the guy but have talked to him on the phone a couple times. He sounds like a good guy and is letting me stay at his place, so I have a good feeling about it.

The last couple days were fun. It rained a lot, which cooled the place off a bit so that was good. Friday night, I went out with the York brothers and a few other friends, a couple of them from the capital city of Canberra. Coincedentally we were at a bar literally 2 businesses down from where my other Keene NH contact, Judd Marcello was having a beer. So we met up, had a drink. That was the first time I've seen Judd since arriving so it was great to finally meet him in person. He has been a great help in preparing me for life in Australia.

Finally had my first coffee or as Denis Leary once said my first "Coffee flavored coffee." Its called a Long Black. So I've messed that up a couple times by calling it a Tall Black. Its strong too! Not like my Dunkin Donuts where I could drink a 24 oz cup over the course of an hour. Here it is a 12oz cup, but because it is so rich, it still takes an hour to finish. I miss my watered down black coffee from DD.


gsbennis said...

Sounds like a great trip you have planned. Lots of keychain buying opportunities. Be safe, have fun and make lots of memories!

Judd said...

Ryan, good to see you the other night. Without this post of yours, I may have forgotten it altogether. The record shop gets crazy on a regular Friday night let alone on an Xmas gig. Call me when you get back. Yes, I miss DD, too. The only one I have had in four years was this year in an airport in Dubai. NOT the same...