Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day and Weekend

The weekend after Christmas has been an eventful one. First off, my Christmas day was a good one. I had a great meal at the York’s house. We had a pot roast and prawns (shrimp). Friday night I went out with Eoin to a house party on Cronulla beach. Saturday, I went to the city with Mike York and Eoin, and witnessed King’s Cross for the first time. It is the part of Sydney that never sleeps. Clubs, bars, dance clubs all open until the sun comes up. We actually didn’t go into any of them but we had a walk around and decided to do it up big at the Cross another night.

Sunday, I spent at the beach with a lot of the people I met my first weekend in Australia. I didn’t get sun burned too bad. I’m actually getting the hang of putting on the sun screen every day.
I’ve been reading a book recently about Australia. It is by an American guy named Bill Bryson. Funny thing is, it has two titles. I was more than half way through the book back in May but lost it in my travels. In the states it is called “In a Sun Burned Country.” But I found it over here and the title is simply “Down Under.” Same book, but obviously published down here with a different name. Anyway, it is about Bill’s travels to Australia back in 1999. It is full of historical facts and good humor. It is a great read now that I know of many of the places he speaks of.
I’ve read another Bill Bryson book called “A Walk in the Woods” in which he hikes the Appalachian Trail. I read that book twice also. That is another remarkable thing. The fact that I read only a couple books a year and I’ve read two of this author’s books twice!

This week I plan on finding my apartment. My friend Eoin works in real estate and is going to introduce me to some contacts with apartments to rent. It will be good to get that ball rolling.
New Year’s Eve is coming up. I don’t think I will venture to the city for the big fireworks show. Instead a friend of Mike's has rented two boats for the day where we’ll have a party, I hear it is pirate themed. Then at night, I’m still unsure what’s going on, but I doubt it will be boring.

I ran into a girl in Cronulla over the weekend that I had never met in person before but had been corresponding by email in regards to being a possible roommate of hers. I only recognized her by her picture, so it was cool to meet her and introduce myself. She was kind of surprised to see me, seeing that it was 1am and we were both looking for cabs. I got her info, so maybe she’ll be another potential friend I make out here.

I just read about the Patriots. Bummmer! Doesn't hurt as bad as last year, but it still sucks. Now it is time for the C's and B's to continue their good seasons.

My next post should include some pictures.

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Jon said...

Great to hear how you're doing around the holidays. We definitely missed you and people were asking about you, both friends and family.