Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Some Photos

Here are a few photos I said I would post. I will try to post more, but getting a good internet connection is still sometimes tedious. Have a great New Year's Eve. Talk to you in 2009.

The following two photos are from my first weekend in Australia. I participated in the 8th annual "Fridge to Fridge." This involves 80 guys on bikes, some of them custom made just for the event, biking to about 8 or 9 different homes in the Sutherland Shire, and essentially having a beer or two at each stop, with a big party being held at the final stop. Sounds dangerous, probably is a tad, but I walked away unscathed. The theme was the Beer-jing (Bejing) Olympics. So everyone had to dress up as a country. Curt and I had cardboard boxes on and we represented Cuba. How patriotic of me.

This is Cronulla beach, in the town I'm looking to stay in for a year. Not a bad view.

My first day going to Sydney by myself I took this picture. Kind of a cloudy day. It was great to finally see the Opera House with my own two eyes.
These are the friends I met scuba diving in Cairns. Remember I didn't take any photos of the actual scuba diving. Swedish girl second to left.

I took this photo at the koala sanctuary in Brisbane. Not a bad photo for a camera I bought at Wal-Mart. There was this really energetic koala that stood out. His name was actually Ryan.

And here I am feeding a kangaroo. I was a little nervous because everytime I see a kangaroo on TV, it is kicking someone in the chest.

This is a shot of the Harbour Bridge with a Royal Caribbean ship in the foreground. It brought back memories seeing the ship in port.

This is the same day, although the second time I went to have a look around Sydney. This time I walked all the way up to the Opera House. It truly is an amazing piece of architecture.

Not the greatest photo, but it was another cloudy day in Sydney. This is the world famous Bondi Beach. Usually, on a sunny day, there are thousands of people here. When I return, I'll take a better one.

Happy New Year!


Jennifer August Lynn said...

Great pics Ryan! I dig your mini Ryan koala! So funny. And whats this i hear about drunk driving... er... bicycling?! Glad to hear you didn't get tore up.
Maybe the next time you go to Sydney you'll get into the Opera House! Perhaps to see a show? How exciting! Let me know if you make it all the way in. ;-)

Jon said...

15 hours ahead of us means you have about 90 minutes left in 2009.....have a great time tonight, Ry!

Shelby said...

love the pics!!!! Happy New Year!