Sunday, December 7, 2008

Travel Day # 3, first weekend in OZ

So my third travel day is hard to remember now, but I'll briefly talk about it. I waited in LA for 5 hours before taking a 10.5 hour flight to Fiji. It wasn't too bad. Sat next to a nice Aussie girl with a cold, luckily I did not catch it. I waited in Fiji for four hours before taking a five hour flight to Sydney.
Getting through customs was easy. The only question the guy asked me was "Sure are a lot of Americans on that flight?" That was pretty much it.

I went directly to the cell phone store and the bank and set up an account and got a mobile phone.

My friend Curt York from Keene has been hosting me since I arrived. He showed me a wild and crazy weekend in an annual "Fridge to Fridge" where 80 men ride bikes around town to different homes, with a Victoria Bitter beer waiting at each stop. I only have a couple bruises.

I'm in an internet cafe now because my laptop isn't ready to go here. I bought all these adapters and plugs, yet the one plug I forgot was a 3 prong to 2 prong adapter. I couldn't believe that Radio Shack would sell something that only takes 2 prong. Oh well.

I'm most likely heading out on Wednesday or Thursday to do some traveling around the country.

Thanks for the comments. Back soon. Ry


The way I am said...

Ahhh Ryan this is all so exciting!! I miss you already!!!! - Katie

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Ryan! I'm impressed! I'm so glad you got there safe and sound. It SUCKS that you have to pay for the airlines making you miss your flights??? What the heck! Anyhow, miss chatting with ya and I'm enjoying your blog! ;)-Crystal

Shelby said...

wow! you are on one major adventure!