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28 huh? Boring number right? Of course 9, 18, 27...I like those....but 28? I guess the good thing about 28 is that there's a 29 after it. The only good joke about 28 is dirty. (just send me an email to get it)

Yeah, it's my birthday. I am unofficially 28. I say unofficially because I turn 28 here in Australia when technically I turn 28 on the 12th of April in Australia due to me being born in the USA. By the time my birth time comes around in the USA, it is already the 12th in Oz.

You know what I would have liked? Turning 27 (a multiple of 9) in 2009....or how about a guy I grew up playing baseball with. His birthday is 9/9....Imagine having that b-day. 9/9/09 and turning some multiplhe of 9. Ah, nevermind. I like 4/11....or as they say here...11/4

This post isn't about "tooting my own horn", it's just an attempt at remembering April 11th since 1981. If you are a follower of this page, you know I remember details from long ago. Well with April 11, for some reason, I have very few memories. I don't know why, but I can only remember a handful of my 28 birthdays.
I think I have the best birthday month. I mean, when you share the same birthday as former MLB pitcher Bret Saberhagen, why even argue? But there's something about April birthdays that I think is as unique as being a lefty, which I am. I'm an Aries. I don't particularly get into star signs. I had a woman recently tell me all about the Ram and what it means. I wasn't really into it. The only star signs growing up I was interested in, was whatever sign belonged to the girl I had a crush on at the time. If Leo's daily horoscope said "Love was in the air," then I knew it would be a great day at school the next day.
Why can't I remember my birthday? B-day's 1-4 are out obviously. Mom might have to verify this for me, but I think for #5, I had the chickenpox, and therefore couldn't have the big party I wanted. I think that's what happened.

I had a couple of childhood parties on 10 Westview in Keene. It was your standard elementary school party: Cake, ice cream, games run by the parents, gift bags for the friends, and probably a cry fest or fight between a couple of the kids at some point. I think later in life I heard my dad mention how draining a child's birthday party can be. I do not doubt that!

21 is the big birthday in the United States. (Oddly enough, it's a big birthday in Australia, yet they can drink at 18) My 21st was when I was attending Carroll College. A guy from New Jersey, named Scott Baker took me out for drinks. I think I turned 21 at 12:01am Thursday morning. So it was a looooong weekend. He brought me to a bar called Sharkies in Waukesha. Either that night or the next, I was sick.

I remember turning 19 because I have a picture of it. I was in Raleigh, North Carolina. Lars from Sweden was my roommate during our Up with People tour in 2000. Our host family brought us out to the Macaroni Grill. Real classy place. I totally heard Lars tell the waiter it was my birthday. So I had to act all surprised when the cake came out. Lars ate at least half of that cake they gave me. He still is one of a kind.

27 is recent enough to remember. San Antonio, TX. Down by the riverwalk with a local UWP alum, my advance work partner Karen from NY, and Georges from Luxembourg. Georges was one of my Education staff members in 2000. They brought me to a great restaurant. It was fun to be surrounded by good people.

Here's another one I have a picture of...except for the year I can't remember. This was in Montreal. I drove up there to visit Raz, Synnove, Sarah G and a few other Cast E's. Based on faded memory, this is....2001. I hadn't yet been to Carroll College. So in this pic I am turning 20. The particular restaurant makes the b-day person stand up with a chicken in hand while the restaurant sings. For a few years there was a regular crowd meeting up in Montreal. I haven't been back in six years or so.

2005-2007 are a blur. All three probably took place on Carnival Fun Ships. No pictures exist. I don't think. Wait, going through some old files...I was inbetween the Carnival Fascination and Carnival Elation at the time of my 24th. So most likely I spent my 24th bday in Wisconsin or NH. I had traveled back to WI for the first time in March 05. My next big day was on the Carnival Fantasy in 2006. I had a nice cake in the crew bar with my then girlfriend and entertainment staff. Oh and wait it here. I signed back onto the Carnival Celebration April 12, 2007. That means...for my 26th...that I went out for drinks in Keene with my brother Jon, slept for about 2 hours, then flew to Jacksonville and signed onto the Celly. SEE! I knew I could remember this. Just needed to write it down.
My mom always told a pretty cool story about my real BIRTH day. I'm not going to tell it because she does such a good job at it. It was pretty special from what I hear, I had only been around a few minutes so I can't give you the details.
Birthday fact: If you didn't know, Chocolate Cake is my favorite. If you didn't get me chocolate cake, then I didn't like it. I had some pretty cool cakes growing up. At least one or two Hartford Whalers themed cakes. Those bakers down at Sun Foods knew how to make a whale tail!

All these memories remind me of the Forrest Gump quote, "You know it's funny what a young man recollects? 'Cause I don't remember bein' born. I don't recall what I got for my first Christmas and I don't know when I went on my first outdoor picnic. But I do remember the first time I heard the sweetest voice in the wide world" (Note: I don't remember the sweetest voice in the world...maybe the sweetest sound...the horn after the Whalers scored a goal)

Anyway, this year is a weird birthday. I'm working today. And that is fine. Really. I mean technically most of today is really still April 10th in the USA. And that is where I was that would mean most of my SUNDAY is my true birthday. And for that I have plans to go over to Judd's house. Judd is also a Keene native....and his birthday is on SUNDAY! So after I get out of work on Sunday, I am going over to Judd's to watch the Red Sox game. It will be tivo'd but still, it will be my first sox game of the year. I'm pretty psyched. I have a few of those Budweisers left over too. If only we had some Dunkin' Donuts or the Rem Dog.

Alright, time for bed. It is officially April 11 here.

Also I realize this blog of late hasn't been so much about Ryan Down Under but more about Ryan's fantastic memories. Well these memories are what keep me smiling everyday when I'm missing the fam. I'll keep you updated on Oz, just don't expect any shortage of "looking back" blogs either.

Goodnight! 28 doesn't seem so bad so far!

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