Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Night Hockey

Last night was hockey night. Apparentely the league added an extra week into the schedule, but did not schedule any matchups. Also, nearly half of the players couldn't make it, so we just mixed the teams up and had a pick up game, just like the old days at Wheelock Park. Everyone threw their stick in the middle, somebody throws the sticks into two piles, and there you have your teams. It felt a bit like "All-Star" weekend with all the mixed jerseys playing against each other. With the break last week and the playoffs starting next week, it was a perfect night just to hack around.

It was also great having some of the better players on my team last night. I played against Mike York, but wasn't matched up against him, so we didn't really battle. We were talking after about how nice it is to have good players around you. It seems that they always get open, and because of that, it usually means you are open too. I always felt that I stepped it up a few levels when playing with better players. Don't want to look like the weaskest link, know what I mean?

It was a good workout. We played for 2 hours. I feel great today, sore but great. The picture above I always liked. I remember it was in Wayne Gretzky's autobiography by Rick Reilly that I read as a kid. The caption read something along the lines of: Lemieux may break all my records. It's a great photo because not only do you have Gretzky and Lemieux, you also have Ray Bourque and entering on the right is Paul Coffey. Four hall of famers. That photo is probably around the time when I was into the NHL most.

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