Sunday, April 12, 2009

No Stairway....Denied!

I wrote most of this post Sunday night but didn't publish it until Monday at noon.
On the bus ride home from work tonight, the bus driver had a radio station playing. It played the entire song of Stairway to Heaven. After a pretty boring weekend, this really made my day. I was really into the song. There was time for one song after that. It was "All I need is a miracle." Must have been an Easter themed show.

My weekend...was...the...most...boring...weekend...ever. I worked Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday day. Working Saturday bummed me out more than I thought it would. I should have requested that night off. Anyway, a friend I've been dating here and her friends showed up and sat in my section. So I got to serve them. That was nice. Tonight my plans to watch the Red Sox game fell through. I think I'm really bad at making plans because if I had done things differently, my weekend may have been packed. Things to work on in the future. So it is Sunday night. I think April 11 is officially over around the world. It actually feels great to get that day over with. 28. Damn right!

No hockey this week because Monday is the Easter Holiday on the calendar.

There is a new sports channel here in Australia. It is free, so some of the sports they play are as exciting as watching paint dry. But they have been playing NBA and MLB games regularly. Also I saw the end of Tiger's round today.'s all taped. It is a crazy world we live in. I can go to ESPN and get the final result in an instant. Tomorrow I'm going to try not to get the Masters results...but honestly, that will be nearly impossible. I check the news and sports headlines everyday when I wake up. Will take some serious willpower not to get online.

UPDATE: I already found out who won on the Monday morning news. The last paragraph is kind of unimportant now.

SportsChannel used to be the official channel of the HARTFORD WHALERS! haha.

One of the sports on this channel is women's netball. It is like the WNBA here, except that people actually ATTEND THE GAMES! It looks like a basketball court, okay? There are hoops just like in basketball, except there is no backboard! The women don't have to dribble, they just cannot run with the ball. So as soon as a player gets the ball, they must stop. When shooting, the defender has to be one meter (What's a meter!) away. It is strange to watch. But I see kids playing it around town.

LOST is on this Wednesday. I think watching LOST is one of the top 5 hours of my week. I sometimes wonder what life will be like without LOST. We are only 2 weeks behind those of you watching in the USA. 24 is on tonight. Jack Bauer for President.

I'm talking on facebook right now with Sam Lacey. He went to Fuller School with me in Keene. He is a guy that I lost track of and wasn't sure where in the world he was. He seems to be doing well. I was happy to hear from him. We had a good talk about everybody we could think of from Fuller School and had a few laughs about growing up.

When I woke up Monday morning, the news said that Elle McPherson spent her Easter with family and taking a run on the esplanade in Cronulla Beach....I work on the esplanade on Cronulla Beach. I'm so sad I missed her. I love her work.

Schwing! And goodnight!

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