Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday Morning for Eoin

Good morning Australia. I'm just waking up on a Monday. No work today, but I do have hockey tonight. Eoin, my friend met through the York's says he reads this page at work, especially on Monday's. So enjoy it my friend. Eoin was actually the only person to give me feedback on changing the title of the blog. He wanted it changed back to Ryan Down Under. But I think his Australian ties make that a biased opinion. I will change the background photo maybe, it is rather dark.

Eoin is the guy in the middle there, I probably should have cropped me out, but hey as Willie said in Bad Santa..."They all can't be winners can they..." He has some pretty amusing t-shirts. The one he is wearing there says "You just leave me here like a candle." He had a good story behind it that I can't fully remember but basically this guy used to say it all the time when people had to go. It didn't make a whole lot of sense to them and so it inspired the t-shirt. Oh and that's Mike York on the right.

I had a really good weekend....I mean I told you last week how boring my birthday weekend was. Well I really made up for it. Patting myself on the back. HIGH FIVE!

I worked Friday night, and had a pretty early evening. Saturday I had the day off so I went to the city and met my Keene contact at Mojo Records for Record Store Day. There was a band, beer, good crowd. It was great to catch up with him and talk about the Sox. He is the biggest music fan I've ever met. Actually after talking about music, being in that record store and having my own opinions on music, I have a blog in my head right now that should be out soon. It has something to do with record stores. Not sure yet.

So after a couple beers in the city, I got a call from Curt York. He and his brother Mike and Eoin were having a couple at his house. Kind of amazing that all my Keene contacts wanted to hang out on the same day. I then left the record store, headed back to Caringbah and had a beer with those guys. On the bus to Caringbah, there was a very funny french man. How hilarious is their accent? Especially if they are funny too. This guy had us laughing pretty hard. By us, I mean just strangers on the bus. He said he'd been to Fenway park or as he said it Fen-ouay. He also was talking about soccer. Ronaldo, Zidane...etc.

We all went out to Northies in Cronulla after Curt's place. I hadn't seen Curt in a couple months so it was good to catch up. I see Mike once a week for hockey and I usually run into Eoin once every couple of weeks. It was one of their mate's birthdays so we had a couple of schooners...or as they say "SCHOOONAAHS!" Ah, thats one of those Australian words I think is funny. Doesn't that mean sailboat? I managed to get home not too late and was pretty pleased with the day's events.

Sunday I worked a double shift. I was happy it didn't start until 1pm. We were saddened that the other USA girl working there was fired. She didn't show up to her Saturday shift. It was her birthday apparently. But that was her choice. Nice gal from Western Illinois. Inbetween shifts, I had one of our signature blackened prime ribs. It is truly amazing. For something like $12 I get this huge steak. Good perk.

After work, most of the employees stayed after to have drinks and say goodbye to our Canadian employee who is leaving today for Canada. In all honesty I could care less that she's leaving. She constantly frowned and had an attitude. I hear she was having boyfriend troubles, but still, bring a smile to work. Bad moods can be contagious and I didn't like being around hers. Enjoy your maple syrup! It was fun to hang with the staff anyway.

2 words I think are funny in the restauraunt: is that little flowery piece of paper. Also Ramekin...its a little container to put sauces in...Ramekin sounds like this character in Super Troopers, Ramathorn....Car ramrod! Car Ramrod!

Hockey tonight. It is our last game and then the playoffs start. No Stanley Cups or anything. Its all in fun...unless I have to hit ya.

I bought my plane ticket to New Zealand. Pretty excited about that.

With the NHL playoffs going on, I will most likely be writing about those memories soon. So look forward to that, the record store blog, ah, I have one going about weezer's Blue album. Check back in soon.

Alright, that's it for now. See ya. Oh yeah, I'm missing the Sox.

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Judd said...

Yes, I am the biggest music fan you ever met. And that record shop, is the centre of the music universe.

I miss the Sox, too. BTW. YOu should really be ashamed of yourself or showing a pic of Wally?!