Monday, April 27, 2009

See ya in May! One last April post

So I'm thinking this will be my last post in April. It is nearly the 28th here, I don't think anything too exciting will happen on the 29th and 30th, and I've written every other day for 30 days. I'll give you some time to catch up. Also 15 posts in a month has a nice ring to it. Remember, never end anything on 13. Try to end on 9 if you can. My rules.

I jumped the gun again on the hockey playoffs. They added three weeks to the schedule so no playoff game was played tonight. What's great is that they don't cost me any extra. I've already paid my $150 for the season. So tonight we played the #1 team. It was a hard fought battle. I scored one in the first half on a nice rebound and one in the second, a top shelfer on a break away. We were down 4-1 at half. But we came back to tie it up 5-5 in the final quarter. We then went down 7-5. With about a minute left with the other team leading 7-6, we scored an obvious goal, but for some strange reason, the ref didn't see it, and the other team went down and scored to make it 8-6. If we were playing for the Stanley Cup, I'd be a bit more upset, but I mean, when you get right down to it, we're playing mens league hockey. So really, it was just a fun game. We'll get them next time. And the playoffs are basically two games. Win two and we're the champions. Not exactly March Madness.
Speaking of scoring goals, I was thinking that I never hit a home run in baseball, but damn it feels good to score a goal in hockey.

This week, learning about health foods, carbohydrates, protein, confusing! Everyone has a different opinion about what makes you lose weight, build muscle, feel better. I think I just need to experiment a bit. For example. I've been eating a lot of cereal. But some nights I get home late and eat a bowl before bed. Well tonight I'm reading that the cereal is loaded with carbs and not a great midnight snack! So I think the cereal is a great thing I'm getting into, I just need to watch what time of day I eat it. But as I write this, I'm also reading about people who have a bowl of cereal every night and actually don't gain weight. This is all very confusing. Heck, send me your thoughts. It can't hurt.
I noticed today that it was colder in Sydney than it was in Keene, New Hampshire. Congratulations Granite State. Your good weather has arrived.
Speaking of NH, one guest at the restaurant the other day who had dual citizenship with Australia and USA said to me...."GIT ER DONE!" That made my day. He had spent a lot of time in Missouri. That's the type of state that says "Git er done!"

I read a sad story this week about a high school baseball player who died when he was hit in the head by a pitch while at bat. Sad story. I once was hit in the head by a baseball in high school. It is amazing how lucky I was not to be seriously injured. Something about the story intrigued me also. The game was played in Lebanon, Missouri. When I was 12, my baseball team went to the Bambino World Series and played on a high school field in Lebanon, Missouri. I wonder if it was the same field I played on.

Finally, if you scroll down the right hand side of the page, you'll see something new. It is a list of all my friend's blogs. There are some pretty good ones in there. Stuckatseven is about a guy just like me who is living and working in Australia for a is way different than my site. The 6149 is a new one written by my Keene contact in Sydney. It has a new feature of reviewing albums and has some interesting other topics. Sex and the 30 something is written by a woman I met here who talks all about being single in her thirties and how the dating scene goes. It doesn't hold back. It is like reading Cosmopolitan or watching Sex and the City. So if that offends you, don't go there. I believe she has been named a finalist for best blog in Sydney. Empty Reviews is by a guy I went to high school with. He writes reviews on movies and concerts. Little Wonder and the Sun Machine I just started following. It is by one of my fellow Carroll College classmates. She is living in New York City with her husband and uses it as a way to tell people back home in Wisconsin what's going on in her life. Thriving with Arnie is by one of my Up with People cast mates. From what I've read, it is a very spiritual site. She has some good poetry and of course other good things to say. And finally, Like Nailing Jello to a Wall is by a woman I met at an Up with People reunion in Boston in 2002. She has a lot of opinions, always something interesting for me to read. So if you ever get bored of A place for my Stuff, feel free to click on the links. I know they'd appreciate your visit.

Git R Done...

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