Monday, April 6, 2009

Dude! Do you remember this helmet!?

I just returned home from Penrith after a pretty good game tonight. I'll tell you about it in a sec. I just found this photo online. It is an old Cooper helmet. I mentioned in a previous blog that I wear the same helmet I wore when I was eight years old. Well this might be older. I think it looks like it was designed by NASA, a hockey loving NASA guy. Chris Levebre...(Could never spell his name!) had one.

We won 7-3. Not the most exciting game in the world. I was denied any points tonight, but the team played well. It was 4-3 until late in the last quarter when we put three more away. Our team passed a bit better than normal, especially down low behind our own goal and on the breakout. No penalties either, just a pretty clean game overall. Next Monday is a public holiday so we won't play.

This is called "Wayne Gretzky's Office"....the area behind the net. It is where the Great One set up many goals. Except it was the other team's net!

I was noticing there are only a few of us that play with no face mask or visor. So far so good. All teeth in check. Knock on wood.

Craig McTavish was the last NHLer to play without a helmet. Nuts right?

Some random things I've been thinking about:

9 out of 10 Australians ask me if I'm from Canada. I always answer, "No, but close!" I think they know that if they say, "American?", and I was Canadian, it would be offensive to me. Those Canucks sure are proud to be from up there, or as some Americans like to call it, "America's Hat."

When I started out waiting tables, my biggest fear was dropping food. But I realize now that it isn't that scary. My mentality is there isn't an option of dropping a plate. It has to get to its table. Drinks are a little different I think. I would be more embarrassed dropping food than drinks.

When I was describing seeing the Delorean the other day I meant to say that for some, it would be like seeing a red Ferrari or a Rolls Royce. It just happens once in a blue moon. (Blue moon?)


I'm missing a great month of sports in America: The Masters, NCAA hoops finals, playoff races for NBA and NHL, Opening day of MLB and Im sure a couple of NASCAR races...hehe, I'm half joking with that last one. Half.

I purposely pronounce the word Tomato like Toe-mot-toe here. My accent stands out enough as it is. Mashed potatoes are just mash. Ever heard of beetroot? It comes on burgers...I don't think I can describe it very well, but it looks like the cranberry we eat at Thanksgiving.

I started reading a book today about a big gangland war that took place in Melbourne starting in 1999! Amazing how recent that is. Will keep you up to date on it. They actually made a mini series here about it. I'll have to read more on prison sentences here, but it seems like people who commit some major crimes here have the chance of getting out someday, whereas in the states we "Lock em' up and throw away the key..."

George Carlin thought "Lock em up and throw away the key" was a bad idea: "Where you gonna throw it? Out in front of the jail? His FRIENDS WILL FIND IT! How far can ya throw a key , 50, 60 feet tops? Even if you hold it on its side and like skim it, you know, you’ll only get an extra 10 feet off it max. This is a stupid idea and needs to be completely rethought"

Been awhile since I threw a Carlin quote in there. Like 2 weeks.

I found this nice memorial to George online. It might be hard to read, but it is George's final wishes. I was and still am sad that he isn't around. It is a very small world though. Some of his ashes were scattered on Spofford Lake in Spofford, NH.

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