Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Night, not much goin' on

Old Biff: You always did have a way with women.
Young Biff: Get the hell out of my car, old man!
Old Biff: You wanna marry that girl, Biff? I can help make it happen.
Young Biff: Oh-oh, yeah, who are you, Miss Lonelyhearts?

Good evening! A little Back to the Future related blog. Read on and I'll explain why.
Saturday night here, 11pm...we turn our clocks back in about 5 hours. I get to sleep in tomorrow.

It was a pretty up and down week from my perspective. I think it started down when it rained pretty much Tuesday-Friday. Anytime it rains that long, things seem a bit down. But today the sun poked its head out.

I'm sitting here drinking a Budweiser. I haven't bought a case of Bud since arriving in Australia. I was feeling like home tonight and decided to pick up one. Remarkably the born on date is Feb 2. Not too bad! It is imported from the US, but comes from a warehouse in South Australia I think. Has a 4.9% Alc/vol. I wonder how that works at the breweries, if they have an entire wing that is dedicated to Budweiser going around the world. Anyhow, I feel like I'm drinking America! I'm being Patriotic.

When I was walking to work on Friday, I crossed the street directly in front of a Delorian. That is the same car used in the movie Back to the Future. The plates read: McFly. This really made my day. I consider that movie one of my all time favorites. On Facebook, Andy Neumeister sent me the quote from the movie "If you want a tab, ya gotta order something. If you want a pepsi free, you still gotta pay for it..."

Work has been good. I worked 7.5 hours today. One table gave me a good comment directly to my manager, and I was told later "good job." by him. That was good news. They have slowly given me more tables to work with. I think I was up to seven at one point today. I also learned more on how to make a flat white, a latte and a cappuchino. There are no "pots of coffee" here. Its a dang science experiment just to get a few ounces of caffeine out. I should be able to pick that up with some practice.

I do get a good staff discount at work. Can't say what it is I don't think but I had an amazing prime rib for lunch today. Might have to get used to having one or two a week.

Talking with people at work, I figure I should be looking for a weekly job. The weather here will be taking a turn soon and actually WINTER is coming in a couple months. I hear hours will be shorter for work. So I will start looking. I turned down a four week gig with my original agency this week. I just am not ready to do the customer service thing again.

Oh, during my breaks at work, I go out and sit by the beach and watch the surfers. I was telling someone today, "You know how people who have never seen snow before tell me about it and how fascinating snow is?" Well for me, surfing is like that! It is straight out of a California movie. The waves this week have been big too due to the weather. I can't imagine being out there on a surf board.

I'm on my roommate Steve's computer. My laptop is on the fritz as they say. I'm not sure where to get it looked at because I bought it from Circuit City and that has gone out of business. Bummer. Might be blogging from here for awhile. I have used that laptop a fair amount since purchasing it, but I really don't know what the problem is. It turns off like someone pulls the plug from it, and each time I try turning it back on, it just zaps off again.

I've been here four months officially. It feels like it has gone fast, but also I think its been a long four months also. I tried making a list of positive or fun things I've accomplished. Pretty good list. So 1/3 or more of the trip is complete.

I watched a famous Aussie film the other night called "The Castle." It is about a ficticious family who lives right next to airport property. The government steps in and tries to take the land from them. It is a comedy with a touching story. The family is pretty simple and comical. I don't think most of you would understand half of it because it is so Australian. I do get it now though. I laughed pretty hard actually.

The family from "The Castle"

Alright, that's it for me. Again, email me at if you ever have any questions.

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