Thursday, April 23, 2009


On my daily run today (yes, daily run!), I was running at a good pace when I noticed a couple up ahead in the side walk walking slowly in the same direction I was running. To be courteous, I decided I would run into the road a little so I didn't startle them when running by. So as I approached them I left the sidewalk, took a few paces onto the grass, then tried to jump the curb down onto the road. Due to the recent rain, my foot found some mud and I made a similar dive to what Pete Rose is making in the above picture. The only problem is, instead of startling them, I fell directly next to them and SCARED THE HELL OUT OF THEM. It was an older Asian woman and a child. The look on their faces was priceless. Realizing that I also had passed a possibly cute jogger about 100 feet back, and that she probably witnessed this, all I could do was keep that sprint up until all witnesses were far behind! The bloody scraped knee, and mud down my left side was worth the price of admission for that story.

So as I mentioned, my new thing is eating healthy and exercise. I've run the past three days, consumed about three liters of water each day and had several helpings of fruits and vegetables, as well as a great breakfast of Special K and yogurt. I'm only in the first week of trying to form new eating habits, but like anything else, I think if I do it long enough I will enjoy it. Already Special K tastes okay and that stuff is gross by itself!

Also so far I've noticed that being healthy makes my overall mood pretty great. The last week I have just had a great outlook, and just feel good about me health wise for the first time in awhile. And that I'd say is maybe the best thing I've done here so far.

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Judd said...

...and you quit smoking, too.